Clash of Clans Cannon Guide: Tricks, Levels & Upgrades

If you’re just beginning to play Clash of Clans, you’ve probably noticed that the first defensive mechanism you have at your disposal is the Cannon. Since they’re relatively cheap and don’t take too much work to upgrade, you should make sure that you’re always using them to your full advantage. By the time you’re finished reading this Clash of clans cannon guide, you should have a better idea of how to protect your village from intruders using these inexpensive yet handy tools.


How Cannons Work

Cannons are a single target defense that are able to attack your intruders once every .8 seconds just like another Clash of clans buildings. They’ll only be able to target ground intruders, and they have a range of nine units. They take up a 3×3 space, so keep that in mind when you’re planning out your development.

How many cannons you’ll have access to will depend on what level your Town Hall has reached. Here’s a list of the progression:

– Town Hall 1: 2 Cannons
– Town Hall 2: 2 Cannons
– Town Hall 3: 2 Cannons
– Town Hall 4: 2 Cannons
– Town Hall 5: 3 Cannons
– Town Hall 6: 3 Cannons
– Town Hall 7: 5 Cannons
– Town Hall 8: 5 Cannons
– Town Hall 9: 5 Cannons
– Town Hall 10: 6 Cannons

Their upgrades max out at level 12, and you should aim to get them there as quickly as possible if you’re choosing to play the game defensively. Cannons are pretty solid when it comes to the all-around picture – They have great range, can inflict quite a bit of damage on your intruding enemies, and are generally in decent health.

Clash of Clans Cannon Tips & Strategies

Placement Is Key

Since the cannons have such a high firing rate, it’s important to place as many of them around your fort as is possible. It’s also a good idea to place them around your more powerful buildings (like your Wizard Tower) since they’ll offer you better protection than some other types of defenses do.

Strongly consider placing your cannons toward the edges of your base (though they should still be behind the protection of your walls) – That way they’ll be able to serve primarily as your front-line defense, but they can work double duty by being able to hit any ranged units that might be trying to snipe out your buildings from far away.

For ultimate protection, place Archer Towers alongside your Cannons whenever you’re able to. The towers will help prevent your cannons from being sniped by your enemies. Don’t worry about placing them too close to the Mortar – It has a much longer range and will be able to help you with your front line defenses even if it’s placed deeper within your camp.

Know Your Weaknesses

I’ve already mentioned that your cannons aren’t going to help you out at all when it comes to air defense (because it’s strictly used to take out the troops on the ground), but unfortunately that’s not their only weakness. They can also be easily overwhelmed by a large number of units despite their high firing rate. In fact, absolutely any unit in the game (including goblins) will be able to overtake your cannon if they’re high enough in numbers.

Although your cannons don’t have to be right beside the Mortar, it’s a good idea to place them within the Mortar’s range so that the can help protect each other.

When Should You Upgrade your Cannons?

It’s important that you upgrade your cannons to the maximum level before you move on to the next Town Hall level, but that doesn’t mean that you should be immediately upgrading them every chance that you get. In fact, you cannons should be the last thing you’re upgrading. You can consider this another effective hack of clash of clans to dominate your opponent.

You see, they’re less important than some of your other buildings, so you’re less likely to suffer by upgrading multiple cannons at one time. Not only that, but since the cost of the upgrade and the length of time that you’ll have to wait for it to be completed is relatively low, you shouldn’t have to worry about hindering your plans by upgrading them all at one time (whereas your game play could be completely interrupted by having to wait for a larger defensive building to upgrade).

Advantages of Upgrading Cannons

Since the cannon is able to rotate a full 360 degrees, it can help defend your village better than a lot of the other defenses. Remember this when you’re placing your cannons (as you get them) and distribute them wisely.

All in all, cannons are a pretty solid part of your defensive strategy. They come in extremely useful in the defense of Giants and other troops that would otherwise pillage through your town and attack your other defenses quickly.

It’s actually quite a lot of fun to see the difference between the cannons every time you upgrade. What you start with when you first start playing the game might not be much to look at, but by the time your upgrades are maxed out, you’re basically looking at a completely different structure (one that’s full of brass and metal and is a whole lot of fun to watch shoot).

As long as they’re placed wisely and you remember that they’re completely useless against air attacks, the cannons are very likely to become one of your main game defenses. You’ll grow to enjoy watching the damage they can inflict when they’re set up correctly, and you’ll surely come to appreciate just how important they are in keeping your village safe and secure from intrusions.

Hopefully after reading this short article you’ve come to realize just how important the clash of clans cannons are in your defenses and have come to appreciate all that they’re able to do for you. Now all you need to do is read our other articles, and you’ll be on your way to mastering the game in no time! Before you know it, you’ll have a completely self-sufficient village, one that started with a simple cannon as your defense system. They might seem like such a small piece of the puzzle, but they’re definitely worth their weight in gold.

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