Clash of Clans Clan Castle Guide: Upgrades, Troops & Levels

If you were to poll a bunch of different people that play Clash of Clans, you would quickly find out that the Clan Castle is arguably the most important building in the entire game. At the very least it’s certainly a very integral piece of the puzzle if you’re intending on creating your own or joining a clan within the game. If that is indeed your plan, you’re definitely going to want to read the rest of this short article – We’re going to cover exactly what the Clan Castle can do for you, where you should put it if you want it to be effective, and when you should upgrade it for maximum efficiency. By the time you get to the end, you’re going to be a Clan Castle genius!


The Basics of Clans Castle

The Clan Castle has a variety of uses. Not only does it provide you with somewhere to house units that can aid you in defending your base, it also holds all of the loot rewards that you receive in Clan Wars. You won’t even have to put it in there yourself – As soon as a Clan War finishes, it will automatically be transferred.

If you want to be able to use something that you receive in a Clan War, all you need to do is transfer your rewards to your normal storage structures by going to the Clan Castle and selecting the ‘collect loot’ option.

Clash of Clans Caln: Upgrade Tips, Troop Tricks, & Strategy

Choose Your Protection Wisely

White the castle definitely has the potential to be your best defense in the game and can definitely play a role in making your village virtually indestructible, whether or not that actually happens is completely up to you. Your Clan Castle’s defenses will only be as good as the troops you have protecting it.

Therefore, you want to make sure that your castle is always completely stocked with units, particularly if it happens to be holding a good amount of valuable loot. Ensuring that your Clan Castle is fully loaded at all times can really be the difference between losing absolutely nothing and everything getting lost in an enemy raid, so it’s important to never forget.

Archers are a perfectly good defense most of the time when it comes to protecting your Clan Castle because they’re relatively cost-efficient, but keep in mind that they’re relatively susceptible to Lightning Spells and if they get lured away from the base in combat, they become useless in keeping your enemy out. If you have a clan that’s willing to donate more expensive defences to help protect your loot (or if you’re someone that happens to have an alternate account), Wizards and Dragons are a better option.

Know Where To Put It When The Time Comes

Until you reach Town Hall level seven, it doesn’t really matter where you decide to put your Clan Castle. However from TH7 onward, its placement suddenly becomes so important that it could make the difference between a successfully defended village and one that just can’t seem to ward off an attack to save its life.

Your opponent can lure out your castle’s defenders easily if it isn’t located in the right spot. From town Hall 7 and beyond, you should have enough defensive buildings placed around your Clan Castle to prevent your defending units from being lured out too easily. For maximum effectiveness and efficiency, it’s best to place your Clan Castle as close to the center of your map as humanly possible. It’s best if it can sit exactly dead center.

Know Your Range

You can view your Clan Castle’s trigger range quickly and easily by clicking on it and simply checking out the white circle that appears around it. You’ll want to make sure that there isn’t a drop zone located anywhere within that white circle, and you should try to put some buildings along the parameter of it to prevent your Clan Castle units from easily being triggered. The idea is that the less they have to fight, the better (especially if all you’re able to defend your castle with is Archers).

Upgrade Your Clan Castle Regularly

If you choose to have a Clan Castle on your map, you’re going to want to put it higher up on your list of upgrade priorities, but it’s definitely not going to be the first thing you’re going to want to go to. It’s usually a better idea to first build some brand new structures and focus your resources on upgrading slightly more influential buildings such as the Laboratory first.

A good way to look at it is to think of your Clan Castle as your most powerful defensive structures. Therefore it should be upgraded before any of your other defensive structures, but it’s more important to first get your base layout worked out and your other structures upgraded first to ensure that you can progress through the Town Hall levels easily and effectively.

Attacking The Clan Castle

When it comes to being on the offense against these extremely powerful forts, your best bet is to try and lure out your opponents offensive units. To accomplish this, all you need to do is deploy a single unit type near the Clan Castle you’re attacking and wait for the defenses to come pouring out. Once they’ve come out of hiding, drop a bunch of other troops in there to start moving in. A few Wizards and a couple of Lightning Spells for good measure and you’re got a great recipe for complete and total destruction.

Another way to use the Clan Castle to your offensive advantage (especially during Clan Wars) is to trade powerful defensive units with your Clan-mates, having stronger troops on your side can increase the chances of you beating your opponent significantly. Golems, Balloons, Hog Riders, and Dragons are your best defense – Use them whenever you can to gain an edge on any enemy you happen to come across.

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