Clash of Clans Inferno Tower Guide: Levels, Upgrades & Strategy

You won’t actually get a chance to see the Inferno Tower until you’ve been playing the game for quite some time, but by the time they start to pop up in Town Hall level ten, you’re going to really appreciate how much they’re able to take your defensive strategy to the next level. This article will not only explain how exactly the Inferno Tower works, it’ll also tell you exactly where to place it, when to upgrade it, and even how to attack against it in battle. By the time you actually get to see the Inferno tower in Clash of Clans, you’ll be a complete master.


The Basics of Clash of Clan Inferno Tower

The Inferno Tower will attack air units as well as those on the ground. One of the most unique aspects of this tower is that it can be set to single out specific targets and can shell out some pretty incredible damage to them, or you can opt to have them deal out moderate damage to a few different targets instead.

It unloads at a pretty good rate of one attack every .128 seconds (like the X-Bow). It has a decent range of nine tiles and takes up less space than a lot of other structures at a 2×2 size. The more often it’s upgraded, the more powerful it is.

Here’s what the progression of Inferno Towers looks like in relation to the advancement of Town Hall levels:

– Town Hall 1: 0
– Town Hall 2: 0
– Town Hall 3: 0
– Town Hall 4: 0
– Town Hall 5: 0
– Town Hall 6: 0
– Town Hall 7: 0
– Town Hall 8: 0
– Town Hall 9: 0
– Town Hall 10: 2

Inferno Tower Upgrade Tips & Attack Tricks

Remember To Reload

In order for your Inferno Towers to function correctly and in turn defend your village properly, you’re going to need to make sure that you always have enough Dark Elixir on hand in order to keep in loaded. A complete load of Dark Elixir (500 of them for a level one Inferno Tower, 1700 for a maxed out level three), will give you 750 rounds. That means that a full load will be good for a grand total of 96 seconds of attacking. When you run out again, simply refill with the Dark Elixir again and you’re good to go!

Know Where To Put Them For Maximum Efficiency

The Inferno Tower is one of your most powerful defenses when it comes to protecting your village. Your enemies know that too and they’re likely to try and take them out first. Place it near the center of your base with X-Bows and other defensive towers to avoid it getting destroyed too quickly or easily. If your primary reason for playing the game is more geared toward farming, it’s a good idea to place your Inferno Towers near your Dark Elixir storage to help protect it most.

While your Inferno Towers should be placed relatively close to one another on your grid, you never ever want to have them touching. Because Inferno Towers are one of the most dangerous buildings in the Clash of Clans game, your opponent is likely to try and take them out with a spell if they have one. If your towers are touching and your attacker uses a Freeze Spell on one of them, they can both be affected and potentially rendered absolutely useless.

Upgrade Your Inferno Towers As Soon As You Can

The power that the Inferno Towers offer you even from the get go can be increased tenfold with a simple upgrade. It might be a little expensive and time consuming, but it’s definitely worth waiting a little while for the massive increase in stats.

Keep in mind that you should really only upgrade one of your Inferno Towers at a time. If you decide to upgrade both of them at the same time you end up leaving your village incredibly vulnerable to attacks and takeovers. Sure you were just fine without the towers on your side for the first nine Town Hall levels, but once you have the Inferno Towers available to you you’ll wonder how on earth you ever got along without them.

Know How To Attack Them Effectively

By the time you get to Town Hall level ten, there’s a good chance that you’ll have developed a few attack strategies that work for you almost every single time. Until now, there’s been someone you could send in to help you conquer, right? That’s not so much the case with the Inferno Towers.

In order to take them out effectively without sending your troops in to what will surely essentially be a mass suicide mission, you’re going to want to use a good combination of lightning spells and enlist the help of a good number of minions. This method works exceptionally well when your opponent’s Inferno Towers are protected by a bunch of Walls and other defensive buildings and structures.

When the Inferno Towers are set to single target mode, large groups of your small troops such as Archers and Barbarians are a good offense because most of them will get through the attacks and then surround the building and bring it to defeat.

You’ll be able to tell exactly which mode your opponent’s Inferno Towers are set to quickly and easily – If it has flames coming out of a big hole, it’s in single target mode. If on the other hand the Inferno towers is displaying three small holes instead, it will be able to take out a bunch of your troops at one time (albeit a little slower).

You can also easily tell if the Inferno Towers on your enemy’s grid is empty. When full and ready for action, the towers will glow brightly with lava and flame. An empty one will actually look kind of sad and resemble an unlit black stone.

Now that you have a better idea of how Inferno Towers work in the Clash of Clans game, you’ll be better prepared when you actually unlock them. Check out some of our other articles if you want to learn how to master the game on a whole.

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