Clash of Clans Mortar Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Mortars are especially important when you’re playing Clash of Clans because they’re one of your heaviest defenses, but if they’re not utilized correctly they can be rendered completely useless in a very limited amount of time. Continue reading this relatively short article if you’d like to learn how to use your Mortars to their fullest ability and defend your village better.


COC Mortars: The Basics

Mortars are used as a land defense. They take up a 3×3 space on your map and are able to defend you for up to a maximum of 11 yards with a four yard minimum attack distance. They also feature a splash damage type that reaches a yard and a half in length. Unlike the cannons and archer towers though which attack every second, your Mortars will only defend you every five seconds, so it’s important that you put them somewhere they have a little help on the defense frontier while still giving them room to maximize their effectiveness. They reach their full upgrade potential 8 levels in and by that point they can deliver some pretty serious damage to your enemies.

As you upgrade Town Halls, you’ll receive more Mortars to help defend your village from attackers. Here’s a handy list that shows you how many Mortars you’ll receive as you climb through the various Town Hall Levels:

– Town Hall 1: 0
– Town Hall 2: 0
– Town Hall 3: 1
– Town Hall 4: 1
– Town Hall 5: 1
– Town Hall 6: 2
– Town Hall 7: 3
– Town Hall 8: 4
– Town Hall 9: 4
– Town Hall 10: 4

Keep in mind that even though your Mortars deal relatively low DPS (damage per second), the high level of damage combined with the splash effect that they deal out more than makes up for it. In fact, one single shot from a Mortar is generally able to take out ten or more units.

Clash of Clan Mortars: Upgrade Tips & Level Tricks

Place Your Mortars Very Carefully

If you want your mortar to be effective in helping defend your village from attacking troops, you’re going to want to place it near the middle of your map to ensure that it’s more difficult for units to get within its minimum range of four yards (if your enemy’s troops happen to come within four yards of your Mortars, they become essentially useless).

You want to spread your Mortars out a little bit, but you still want to keep them relatively close to one another for maximum efficiency. If you’re able to, place your Mortars within range of buildings and units that are of higher value so that they can help protect them as well as one another.

Whatever you do, do not place two Mortars side by side. While it might seem like a brilliant idea to double up on the coverage, the fact of the matter is that if you put them beside each other you’re actually risking losing them both at once – All it takes is two Lightning Spells to take one out, and if there’s two of them side by side, the second one will be lost as well. If you can, you should place a wall up between your mortars to help aid them from being taken out immediately. No more than three mortars should occupy the same cell at one time, but less than that is definitely better.

Upgrading Your Mortars Is Very Important

Your Mortars should be one of the first things in your village that you upgrade because of how useful they prove to be in battle. A level six Mortar Is able to take out an enemy’s Archer tower of any level in just one shot, so you should make sure that you get all of them upgraded to that level as fast as you possibly can.

You probably shouldn’t upgrade more than one Mortar at one time unless you happen to have a shield up because losing more than one to an upgrade can leave your base extremely vulnerable to attacks.

Know How To Attack Them

Since Mortars are unable to attack anything in the air, Balloons, Dragons, and Minions are your best offense against them, especially if your enemy doesn’t happen to have any air defense. Of course if you happen to have a Lightning Spell, it can also come in quite handy.

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If your enemy does have air defense, you’re going to want to employ the use of Air Troops and Giants to help you get in. Faster movie troops (like Archers and Barbarians) will then be able to rush in and tear your opponent’s Mortars down if you’re able to spawn enough of them. It won’t be easy, but it’s definitely doable.

Keep in mind that since the mortar has a reach of one and a half tiles, you should avoid sending your troops in in large numbers and instead deploy them sporadically. That way, you’ll have a better chance of getting through during the five second gap it takes to reload. Alternatively, faster troops such as Barbarians and Goblins are usually able to rush to the mortar and quickly get to its three yard blind spot, but this method generally only works after all of the resource structures have already been destroyed.

Aim To Get The Mortar Mauler Achievement

There are a ton of different achievements available for claim in Clash of Clans, but one of the most prestigious ones is the Mortar Mauler one. You have the ability to gain this achievement after you’ve destroyed a certain number of mortars while raiding your enemies. They don’t call it an achievement for nothing, it’s going to take you a while to get it. Just know that it’s there and that you can definitely obtain it.

Now that you know a little more about how beneficial Mortars can be during gameplay, you’re well on your way to becoming a Clash of Clans master! Check out some of our other articles if you’d like to be able to expand your gameplay a little more – You can never be too prepared!

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