Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 [TH 11] Farming Strategy – Play Like a Pro

When you are moving to Town Hall 11 you might be confused as to which farming strategy to adopt. Here is a guide on using the HoGiBarch strategy for farming which can be effective after you have moved to this level in Clash of Clans. This Clash of clans town hall 11 strategy is known to be efficient and effective especially in building an army and for farming.


Advantages of this strategy

This strategy is great for attacking any kind of base you want for getting loot. With this strategy you can attack storages effectively. Whether collectors are inside or on the exterior parts of a base, they can be effectively attacked as well. You will have several bases to target for which you will save time on searching. The composition is an efficient one for raiding storages as it allows you to train fast. You would be using Dark Barracks when it comes to farming. You will be using six Barracks in total. The army can train effectively and faster, whether it is mass Goblins, Barch or GiBarch. More destruction can be done to a base by this method.

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Benefits you will reap

There are several benefits to gamers who use this strategy which are highlighted below:

Less time to train; you will be able to train quickly as you will have an efficient army under you. You will have six Barracks for your use. The army will train faster than mass Goblins, GiBarch and Barch. You will be able to launch powerful attacks. This strategy comes of use when training your army fast which is effective for raiding the storages
Multidimensional attack can be launched easily with this strategy. Any type of base can be attacked. Collectors can be attacked outside of a base as well as inside a base as well as storages. You can do all that GoWiPe and Barch armies can do as well as do it better and at a cheaper and faster way.

You will spend less time in searching. With this strategy you will be searching less as you need not search for long for a weak or a dead base. If you have this kind of composition you can opt for 400,000 resources in total and that can be achieved within a few searches.

The strategy is fun as well as strategic. For those who love to plan attacks and use strategy, this is the perfect game plan to have. The army will be versatile and you will be able to plan an attack of bases in different ways as well as do much in an attack. You will find the HogRiders fun to use as well.

The other advantage of the strategy is the cost effectiveness of it. Hog Rider will cost a lot but you will only need to purchase eight of them. You will also end up with more Dark Elixir and in a faster manner than by other methods. That is also because the army is trained faster by this method as compared to an army made up of Elixirs only. The use of six Barracks will allow you to conduct more raids and generate more DE. DE storage can be obtained easily and lots of it through storage raid.

Attack strategy of HoGiBarch

The attack strategy of HoGiBarch will need a certain army composition. Barrack one will comprise of three Giants, Barbarians and two Wall Breakers. The next three barracks will comprise of two Wall Breakers, three Giants and Archers in each. The Dark Barracks need to comprise of four Hog Riders and the Spells comprise of Heal and Rage Spells.

If you do not use the Archer Queen you should not have to cook Giants. You can use 12 Hog Riders and cook Heal Spells.

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Use of Trophy League

Among all the leagues for farming many experts suggest to use Silver League that has a trophy range from 900 to 1200. There are several benefits of Silver League:

You need not maintain trophies. You can attack collectors outside with small troops and quit as well even if you do not win as you can get the trophies back easily.

There are several rushed bases that have loaded storage. You might find it hard to steal resources from Barch but with HoGiBarch you will be able to break in and get the storages from these bases.

With Silver League you will have lots of dead bases. This league has several dead bases than other higher leagues. You will want to steer clear of Bronze League unless you have cleared TH8.

This league allows you to bully and make loot fast from lower Town Hall levels. You can bully as many lower TH levels as you want.

The composition works in Masters, Crystal, Gold and other leagues. You will get better results in farming this way. You can get level 20 Archer Queen and Barbarian King in this way, especially by the Masters League.

You need to set your targets accordingly. You might want to aim to add in 400,000 as total resources which might comprise of 250,000 Elixir and 150,000 in Gold. You might want to lower the target if the loot is scarce.

Here are some strategies discussed for level 11 which will come handy for those who are contemplating moving to this level. The tips will surely help one to know what to expect.