Clash of Clans Town Hall 2&3 Farming Strategy Tutorial

Fellow Clash of Clans players, in the following guide we will give you a highly effective strategy, tips and tricks that will help you with Clash of Clans at town halls 2 and 3 farming. As you all know that Clash of Clans is purely strategy based game and such games can won by just one aspect – trial and error method! Having a hypothesis and checking whether its going to work or no is the only way you can survive in this game.

Your farming resources of opponents should start at Town Hall 2. In those early levels, the process will be accelerated by the pace of farming resources at early level.

The above strategy will help you achieve a minimum of twenty five walls at Town Hall 2 – which costs 1000 gold coins for each in order to develop to the maximum level (which comes to 30000 gold). We have a better way – you just have to take a few days, and wait for fledgling mines that will eventually produce equal amount of resources for you, isn’t that awesome?

What we discovered about the farming process in Town Hall 2 and 3 is that most of the other players will not disturb you -for a simple reason – the Town Hall differential PANELTY  – that means you will have more time and  freedom. The Players could get 50% of  the normal level loot – simply if they are in posses of a Town Hall in a higher level than your own (2 levels) of course that depends on the level. In the Meantime the players higher than two levels will not bother you –  so even if you will drop your shield -there shouldn’t be any problems in terms of rivals attacks in that stage.

Improve your decision taking power with practice

We noticed that it was super easy to do our farming levels 2 and 3, it was just simple! Furthermore in these levels, we can expose that the Goblins and the Barbarians both work pretty similar for our farming. The Goblins might sometime work with better results, with that being said, it will take more time to produce.

However, we recommend that you will use Barbarian units and that way you can and will attack practically from back-to-back in order to go back through those levels. Goblins on the other way, you must be 100% sure that your attacks and charges will count for high loot.

After you will choose which of the bases you would like to charge you must realize where lays the majority, big amount of loots? You must know this in order to know where you will place all your units to attack!

We recommend to check with the elixir collectors in first place, whether your choice will be charging onto them, first think. Are they full of pink elixir ? if so, the resources are definitely available within opponent collectors, in huge quantities ! We would say that the best origins in the game of Clash of Clans is definitely looting-collectors by far – so before going any further, start with these tips.

What are the Farming Targets in Town Hall Two?


You should know that in town hall two, for every goal/target there will be a max of 7k.

With that being said, take it into consideration when performing attacks, you need to charge an enemy with at least 3k gold or 3k exilir capacity, if not don’t attack!

Are you trying to find someone with gold-mines? Elixir collectors? Or storage exposed? If no – click the “NEXT” button and look around the area. At that point, close to Town Hall Three, know that the walls maximum capacity of gold will be 7k for a few times.

At town hall level 3 your capacity of  gold and elixir will be raised significantly. Another tip will be this – don’t compromise on attacking, look for a base with value before you startan attack, otherwise- keep skipping, don’t waste time and energy !

If you want to build a laboratory and have another 50k of research, try toproceed into an amount 25000 elixir quickly. At that point the amount of Barbarians and Goblins to your usage will be the same as they were at the other levels of the game. At the start of level three, you will have an ability to control a massively large army, however, use the same strategy of storage units, and the same one with your resource collectors.

One of the most important, I would say crucial things to do, is ofcourse, upgrading and making your walls stronger. I would suggest building fifty walls, for that you will have to have a number close to 310kkof gold. If you don’t have that kind of amount that’s too bad – know that this is crucial for your defense !Remember to save your gold! The best advice I can give you is – don’t stop looking – keep skipping around the world, you will find bases with 20k of gold to loot or even more !

Clash of Clans is a game of strategy, the wiser you play, the further you get, It’s really that simple. Play it smart, your farming strategy need to be versatile, and you need to change it often as your Town hall will grow ! The reason for that is – you can only efficiently loot those who are, in a lower level Town Hall, than yours. The fact is ,there’re many ways and as many strategies to play these kind of games, and as you know, some ways are better than others.

Another advice will be to do some farming at Town Hall 2 just a few moments before you will perform an upgrade that should be fairly easy. What you will do is this: make about twenty-thirty barbarians, and you must develop the army camp to have a capacity of thirty soldiers as soon as that’s possible for you. After that you should start match-making. You must be focused – try to find those who are exposed with resource, and drop your barbarians straight at the resources you have found !

It was measured

It’s very easy to loot to cap – it will take maximum of 2 rides! You should not fear of losing your defense – your shield – no players will be wanting to charge you, your loot is so small that you are no matter to them !remember that !

Finally, when you get to town hall 3, begin your farming of other opponents in the game. I would suggest a range of trophy about 600 give or take.

Right there

You have the ability to achieve 2 level three army-caps. That will give you a max supply of seventy! Here, what you will want to do to produce at least seventy barbarians and just keep on charging – don’t stop.

Pay attention

Those 70 at twenty-five Elixir each of them, will end up at 1750 Exr. You should be fine, as long as you achieve a minimum of that amount in Elixir. To conclude, as a three-town-hall player, your main enemies will be those with a single mortar.

My advice is to spread out all of your barbarians, so that these won’t damage you in a high level !you don’t want to keep them at one place, as the mortars will highly effect and damage them.

Here is another great advice, remember to be certain that you develop level two barbarians – in that way, you could blow the mortars in a much more simple and easier way.

Don’t forget

Some goes with Goblins as well !with that being said, remember that you will need more time to train goblins – while goblins will be more effective in collection loot than the barbarians are.

Hope that helped, that will be all for today, stay tuned for more awesome clash of clans hack.

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