Clash of Clans Town Hall 4 Base Layout: Best Farming Defense

In the base layouts of Clash of Clans, abandoning the Town Hall and some other non- functional structures on defense with an objective to protect the storage units in a better way is known as farming bases. The chief objective of the player is to protect his resources. In order to avoid losing too many resources from the attacks of your enemy, you must own a good farming base layout at Town Hall 4. You would be able to hoard millions of resources overtime with the help of a good farming base layout.


You can even upgrade your defenses. Most of the people deliberately drop their trophy level with an intention to shun the attacks of higher level players and thereby losing more resources. On the other hand, there are still many people who are competent enough to demolish a higher level base but with a low count on trophies. Therefore, you have to ensure that your base’s defense is compact.

Discussions regarding Town Hall 4 Farming Defense Setup

Given below is a picture that showcases the best base layout for Town Hall 4. You can make use of the same setup for yourself.

You can clearly notice that the basic strategy of this base is to safeguard Mortar and other storage units while setting up your archer towers and two cannons on the edge of the base. The walls surrounding the archer towers and cannons make it really hard for the Wall Breakers to break them and invade in the center. However, do remember that you might get flooded by Archers and Barbarians in larger numbers.

You might have observed the air defense which is residing on the outside of the base. There are two main reasons behind this. The first reason is that the players are not able to get help from the healer until they reach TH6. The TH6 players hardly attack the players of TH4 because of the loot penalty. The Balloon is the only air unit at this level, which is hardly being put to use. Residing on the outside of the walls can be a handy position in real time as it attracts Giants to it that in turn distracts the Giants from hammering your walls and harming them.

Though, the actual reason behind placing the Air Defense tower on the outside of the base is that it requires an entire day for its up gradation. It would not require more than a few days to successfully accomplish a TH4 base in the first place, so it makes it pointless to place the Air Defense tower inside your base while it is still under-construction most of the time.

The major weak spot of this base are simply the higher level players. A player from TH5 along with three army camps can easily make heaps of Barbarians and Archers. The Archers can easily attack your archer towers and cannons from behind their walls and take them out, thereby leaving behind only the Mortar. Although, Mortar is a big tower, but a single Mortar cannot easily compete with masses of Archers and Barbarians who have attacked your base. You will also witness the players from TH5 making use of bunches of Wall Breakers and Giants which is another hard situation to overcome at this level.  However, the best thing about this base is that the players from TH4 or below levels are not capable enough of clearing this base neither they will be able to get access to majority of your resources.

What about the Trophy Bases?

Discussing the best trophy base at this level is simply pointless, as safekeeping your trophies at Town Hall 4 is simply a useless thing which is almost impossible to do. You hardly own any towers at this level. However, even if you have a complete maxed base, you will hardly be able to compete with the TH5 players or above and will get mopped out very easily.

Moreover, at Town Hall 5, the players are equipped with an additional army camp that will help them to defeat you more easily with just an all Barbarian army. So, the best thing is to try hard and put all your efforts in protecting some of your resources instead. Although, you will likely lose around 80 percent of your base with the help of the above suggested base at this level, but you will still be able to safeguard more than half of your resources.

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