Clash of Clans Town Hall 5 Base Layout: Best Farming Defense

As you have landed here, we think that you have entered Town Hall in Clash of Clans — probably, the most addictive game we (and you) have stumbled upon! Well, as you are already aware of, having an effective base layout proves to be quite significant as long as you want to succeed in the Clash of Clans endeavors you are about to begin! When its characters are compared with those of other Town Halls, we find that Town Hall 5 is one of the best levels that you’d be able to get the best out of farming defence from. And, as you can naturally assume, an effective defensive layout will find its real effect when you start receiving constant attacks from your opponent.

th 5 farming base layout

Thus, taking the saying that it’s precaution better than cure into practice, it is indeed a sense-making solution to have an effective defence layout as deeply as possible so that you can get the most out of the protection when it comes to confronting attacks. When its characteristics are compared with those of other levels, you can be sure that the effective base layout will do the job very well, provided the insufficiency of it if there is an opponent that comes with healing spells or healers.

Just as the case, the base layout will be nearly futile if there is a drop of 20 giants as to destroy air defence towers tower, which is followed by the attack of Healer. Except these cases, you will able to make use of the following base layout when it is your primary requirement to protect your clan from common kinds of attacks and their different combinations. So, shall we start this article about one of the best — according to what we think — Clash of Clans Town Hall 5 farming defence layout?

Town Hall 5 — Discussing the Layout & Strategy

When you set up the layout, you should be clever enough to place your air defence towers quite efficiently so that it can minimize impact of opponents’ attacks that are based on healers. Positioning of the Air Defence Tower must be in such a way that the opponent would not be able to get his or her hands on the Air Defence Tower easily. Placing of the tower does not make defensive aspect of your Clan impressive. If you want to give maximum power to the Air Defence Towers, you should be concerned about placing of other towers as well. In short, they must have an optimal distance between them, which would be useful when it comes to accessing support from those towers in some sorts of situations.

Similarly, installation of joints also requires enough concentration! The walls should have staggered joints as to be an impressive-enough obstruction for Wall Breakers. Once you have followed the method, you can be sure of that fact that those Wall Breakers do not allow the opponent to access central compartment or central chamber. So, when an opponent is there, he or she will have to destroy the outside wall unit before moving on to both central chambers in your clan. Of course, such a construction will make sense as far as you need enhanced defence for your clan.

Mortar position also plays an important role when you set up defence farming layout for your clan. Being one of the most important and valuable buildings that you can have possession of in your clan, you should take an extra care to make sure that the Mortar is placed in the central position. Also, it is advisable to create a wall between Air Defence Tower and Mortar in such a way that the opponent will not be able to have access to valuable buildings of the clan. It has to be noted that it is best if you can accompany the Mortar with two storage points, so that the enemy will have a tendency to attack the area and thus to leave the Air Defence Tower.

If you explore a bit carefully, it can be noticed that the mentioned type of defence layout setting requires noticeable amount of resources to be consumed. That being said, you do not want to be worried because the loss of resources is, in a way useful, as it does protect other two valuable ones. So, don’t mind the loss at first, but move on with much confidence you can have.

Likewise, it has to be noted that loss of an elixir storage unit will be okay if you can have a shield instead of that. That way, you will be able to raid the enemy to get more resources. In other words, if you think you are capable of having four storages of the enemy, even after spending only one storage space of yours, you can be sure of the risk you take and you will be paid well at the end. So, again, you can support the loss if it gets you more resources in the long run of the game.

In this tutorial, we have told you about the placing of defence mechanisms in the Town Hall Level 5 of Clash of Clans! It has to be noted that the positioning of the Clan Castle plays a quite important role when it comes to the effective result that the defence layout will bring you in the end. As we have mentioned earlier, you have to reserve central area of your clan space for the defensive stuff such as the Air Defence Towers — perhaps, the most important one — and Mortar, with sufficient protection around them, so that both will attract enemy but will be less susceptible. That being said, you can be careful about the positioning of the Clan Castle.

As the central space has already been consumed by the Air Defence Tower and other stuff, you have to position your clan castle outside the base. You have to consider that your base is too small to have Clan Castle in the centre. If you ignore that fact, you might have to lose all your units.

What do you think about the Town Hall 5 Farming Defence layout mentioned here? We are eager to know opinion of yours.

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