Clash of Clans Town Hall 6 Farming Defense: Base Layout of TH6

First of all, I would like to congratulate all of you for reaching Town Hall level 6 on Clash of Clans, which brings you in this site, to check out one of the best defense farming layouts for your clan. Although you will be quite happy to be a player who has acquired much resources and achievements and thus have entered Clash of Clans Town Hall 6, there is something to be noted as far as you want to move on smooth — Town Hall 6 is probably the hardest level you will ever stumble upon in Clash of Clans, because of the fact that you would have a tougher task to accomplish if you like to make sure that your resources are sustainable. It does not mean that you cannot succeed this level; but it’s meant to let you know that you should be a bit more careful when you are in Town Hall 6. So, shall we start off the post? It, in the long run, will help all those Town Hall 6 players out there, we hope.


Things to Take Care of

You might know this already, but this is for those who don’t! Due to the Loot Reduction penalty of 50% that exists in the game, the experienced gamer always have a tendency to attack players that are in the previous level, say, when you are a Town Hall 7 player, you will try to take down players who are in the Town Hall 6. On the other hand, if that player is not of that kind, the Loot Reduction penalty will be applied, which is harmful enough as far as the player will be concerned about. For instance, suppose you are attacking a Town Hall 4 player. Even if the Town Hall 4 player has a resource level of 500 gold, you will be able to see that only 250 gold is available when you raid. Even when you can learn that this method will be useful when you play, there is something you should pay attention as far as you are a player of Clash of Clans Town Hall 6.

When the above mentioned theory is brought into practice by Town Hall 7 players, there is only a kind of opponent in front of them — you, the Town Hall 6 player! Well, there is a sort of worst-case scenario that occurs in the situation! It is so, because there is a noticeable upgrade of army camp and supplies when a player reaches Town Hall 7. The list of upgrades includes the Barbarian King, upgrades for common farming units such as Goblins, Giants, Wall Breakers, Archers etc. Also, it has to be noted that the unlocking of extra elements such as the Air Defence, Archer Tower and Cannons, Walls etc, come to support a Town Hall 7 player, at which a typical Town Hall 6 player will be dumbstruck! This information is not meant to disappoint you, actually, but we want to let you know the real importance to grab a sense-making farming base setup. With that done, you can be sure that you’re not going to have such an unbearable loss of resources from your clan. Now, we shall move on to the strategy-discussion part, right?

Setting Up Base Layout and Strategies in Clash of Clans Town Hall 6

It would be a more-than-enough reason for us to condemn if you are trying to get trophy bases in this level. We like to say that because of the same thing we mentioned in the earlier paragraph, about the differences between a Town Hall 6 and Town Hall 7 player, mainly due to the presence of unit upgrades and all. Because of all these, even when you have the best farming layout with you, the Town Hall 7 player will be able to wipe you out by means of Archer or Barbarians. So, you have to pull back trophies into second priority and thus to protect the main players.

Talking of the placing of Clan Castle, the optimal place is the one that stays outside the base. If you place Clan Castle inside the base, there will be insufficiency of space, which can otherwise could be used to place Mortars, Buildings to Store stuff and the Air Defence Towers. So, if you can take that clever decision of placing your Clan Castle outside the base, you can get enough space for Air Defence and Mortars, while the mentioned positioning will minimize chances for your Clan Castle to be easily lured out. So, placing the Clan Castle plays significant role, altogether.

Talking of the center part of your base, you will have to be sure about the presence of an Air Defence Tower and one Mortar that can do well when it comes to defending attacks from the players, particularly those who are from Town Hall 7. Since the Town Hall 6 contains single Air Defence Tower, you should be clever enough to place it in a nice and impressive place that could bring minimum level of exposure. The exposing of Town Hall 6 Air Defence Tower makes you vulnerable to not only Town Hall 7 player but also the Town Hall 6 players who are a bit experienced. Since the Healer is introduced in the level range, they could use it give you troubles that can make you lose your resources. In addition to the Air Defence, center part of your camp should include a Mortar as well.

In addition, a desirable distance is to be kept when you place Wizard Towers and Storage Units. This is because we’d consider the fact that clusters of Goblins or Archers is commonly used when a Town Hall 7 player wants to destroy all your storage. Upon this, however, you can act a bit more wisely! For instance, if you place a Wizard Tower nearby, the Wizard tower will protect your storage units from those clusters of Archers or Goblins — it makes enough sense, doesn’t it? Also, you should note that the paring of Wizard Tower with storage structure walls. So, you should be bit more clear about positioning of the units.

What do you think about this strategy for Clash of Clans Town Hall 6 players? Did it help you? We are eager to know that and we are waiting for your comments.

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