Clash of Clans Town Hall 6 Farming Strategy: TH 6 Defense

Choosing to farm over all else when you’re playing Clash of Clans means that you’ll be able to gather more resources than someone whose primary concern is the defense of your base. That said, farming requires its own strategies and tactics in order to be successful, otherwise you could very well end up setting all of your troops up for immediate failure. This is constructed to be a handy and efficient guide to farming strategies in Town Hall level six. By this point in the game if you haven’t figured out exactly how the offensive and defensive tactics are meant to work in the game, there’s a good chance that you’re well on your way to complete and constant enemy overhaul. Lucky for you, by the time you’re finished reading this relatively short article not only will you have a better idea of how to plot your Town Hall level six farming strategy, but you’ll also be well on your way to mastering the game as a whole!


The Basics of Clash of Clans Town Hall 6

Aside from Town Hall level eight, TH6 can easily be described as one of the worse farming levels in the entire Clash of Clans game, hands down. Not only does your strength barely improve from that of the previous level (which is kind of strange when you consider the considerate amount you’ve been gaining up to this point), but you also don’t gain access to another army camp (although it really feels like you should). This means that you’re essentially fighting with virtually the same amount of power as you got to fight with in Town Hall level five.

Your production also ends up being worse in this level since your army cap size increases by 15 units but you don’t get any extra Barracks. It’s also a little ridiculous how much stronger TH7 units are in comparison to those in Town Hall level six (which is exactly why I think there should be some sort of strength increase somewhere). In fact, the level six and level seven offensive and defensive resource discrepancies are probably the worst in the entire game. Be prepared to likely be taken advantage of by your higher level opponents because of this.

Clash of Clans Attack Strategies and Tips for Town Hall 6

Use That Healing Spell To Your Advantage

One of the greatest (and most welcome when you consider how much higher the potential of getting hit hard can be) items you receive in Town Hall level six is the Healing Spell – Use it wisely (usually when a particularly lucrative enemy base is causing you issues is a good idea) and it can become one of your major assets in no time at all.

Know How To Attack Your Enemy

If you’ve been following our handy guides to get tips and tricks on how to master the different types of strategy (farming and otherwise) in the Clash of Clans game, you know that we recommended sending high levels of your Barbarians in to attack your enemies village swiftly as well as brutally. That same sort of strategy seems to be what works best for farming in Town Hall level six as well.

Keep in mind though that when you’re battling someone that’s already on TH7, there’s a good predetermined chance that you’re going to end up losing the battle simply because they will be much stronger and faster than you are, and they’ll have a lot more resources to back them up than you currently do. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to take over your enemy’s base, just that you shouldn’t expect it to happen every tine nor should you be deterred if you’re unable to – Before you know it, you’ll be able to advance to Town Hall level seven too.

Hold On To Your Healing Spell For As Long As You Can

Not only to they cost quite a pretty penny from the get go (even the first one will run you 15 000 elixir), but they also cost quite a significant amount to upgrades. Basically what that means is that you want to make sure that you’re getting your money – er, elixir’s – worth every time you use your Healing Spell. A good rule of thumb is that if you happen to know beyond the shadow of doubt that you’re going to be able to gain a significant amount of resources by using the Healing Spell, by all means go ahead and do it. But if you’re not at least close to 100 % sure you might want to hold off until you can be sure otherwise you could just potentially be wasting your own resources for no good reason at all.

Start Making Goals

By TH6, you should have a general idea of how you want to play the game. In order to get through it successfully and efficiently, it can be beneficial for players to set goals. By the time you reach Town Hall six, you want to be aiming to get at least 150 000 combined resources per raid (remember that’s a combination of all the resources you end up getting, not just one of them), and you want to try and stay in the trophy range of 600-1100. The more lucrative bases you want to have access to, the higher you want that number to be.

Make Sure Those Walls Are Upgraded

Even if you came to TH6 with completely upgraded walls, it’s still going to end up costing you more than $10 000 000 in gold to completely max them out again in this level. Not only is this quite expensive, it’s also pretty time consuming (despite it being a relatively quick upgrade in comparison to some of the others), especially if you’re someone that has a whole lot of walls up. Because it can end up taking seemingly forever to get everything you need upgraded in this level, it’s important to remember to upgrade things as soon as you possibly can, and to avoid upgrading too many large defensive buildings (or too many of the same type) at the same time so that your village doesn’t become too vulnerable.

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