Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 Farming Strategy: Play Like a Pro!

Welcome, Chief. If you’re a new TH7 or even a moderately advanced one, chances are that you love the Town Hall 7 farming opportunities at this level. It’s a huge step up from TH6, where you were easily vulnerable to TH7 attacks even when you were completely maxed out. TH7 is also the level where you finally start feeling like you’re in the big league: from two teslas to another AD, from unlocking the Dark Barrack with its hogs and minions, to the Barb King – it’s a whole new level of your CoC career. Some general tips include looking for 250+ k raids, staying in the range of 1000-1400 for the best loot, and max-ing all your defenses – but you’ll need a great Town Hall 7 farming tactic to get maximum loot. These are fun and easy Town Hall 7 strategies to make the most of TH7!


Strategy #1: Using BARCH

We’ve used barch at TH6, but trust us when we say that it’s just not the same anymore. With an army camp of 200, you can have either 90 barbs/110 archers or 100 barbs/100 archers. With the fourth barrack that you’ll be unlocking, attacking with barch is not just fast but extremely simple as well. In our Level 4 clan, most members have used barch as their primary Town Hall 7 farming plan, and even higher up. It’s quick and cheap, so you can raid every 19mins.

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Make sure you keep researching barbs and archers as your top priority on getting to TH7, because level4 barch make a whole lot of difference in TH7 farming attack schemes. Look around for full collector loots (overflowing mines and purple, not pink collectors) between trophy levels of 1000-1200 at TH7, because that’s the easiest way to farm with barch. When at TH7, get 200k+ of gold and elixir loot with every collector raid – it’ll took you one month to fully upgrade base to TH8, trust us.
When you attack, drop barbarians in a line to act as meat shields. While your barbs are taking all the heat, set your archers behind them to get all the loot.

Strategy #2: Using BARCH with Wall Breakers

This troop combination is recommended for slightly more advanced TH7s, who have maxed archers, barbs and wall breakers for their Town Hall level. The army composition preferred by most is 96 archers, 96 barbarians and 4 WBs. Some people also choose to use 8-10WBs, so you can adjust according to your needs. Taking approximately 20mins to cook if you set 48archers on two barracks and 48barbs+2Wbs on each of the other two, this army is slightly slower to cook but significantly more useful if you’re going for more than just collector loots.

Generally, this is the army with which you can bully any low TH7 and maxed TH6 for getting to the core of the base. Most people have their DE drills or DE storage buried deep in their bases, but if you’re a TH7 there aren’t as many walls to hide behind. While we’d recommend using a different Town Hall 7 farming approach for dark elixir, this army composition can help you get at least 100-200 DE on each raid: which is not bad at all, considering how ridiculously difficult it is to farm DE at TH7.

This farming attack strategy works in almost the same way as the one before. Put down your barbarians, wait for the mortar shell to drop, drop 2 wall-breakers together, then wait one to two seconds and drop the other 2. Finish up with putting down your Barb King (if you have one!) and your archers.

Strategy #3: Using a Giant Barbarians and Archer army

This is one of the most useful farming armies to get loot at TH7 (and TH8, for that matter). Your Town Hall 7 farming stratagem would involve using Giants as a meat shield, a couple of Wall breakers, followed by some barbarians and archers. You could even try swapping out the barbs for some goblins, but goblins are generally much better at TH8 with an upgrade to level 5.

It takes a lot longer to cook, but if you don’t have the time to play every half hour or so, it shouldn’t be any problem for you at all. Level 4 giants have high HP, which makes them particularly suitable for tanking. People make the mistake of dropping all their giants with one click but that’s an ineffective Town Hall 7 farming campaign right there. With a strategically placed spring trap or giant bomb, all your giants can be wiped out before you even reach the core.

That is why we recommend sending in giants in a line parallel to the nearest mortar or wizard towers, with WBs, archers and barbs coming in separate (and multiple waves) BEHIND the giants. Bring with you a couple of healing spells to heal the giants: or, you could use lightning if mortars/wiz towers are clustered in one space (splash damage FTW!)

Strategy #4: Exclusively Related to Town Hall 7 Dark Elixir Farming Tricks

Dark elixir is probably the hardest thing to farm at TH7, even with the introduction of the DE drill last year. One of the most exciting things that you unlock at TH7, however, is the Barbarian King! As soon as you upgrade your town hall to TH7, we recommend that you get your dark elixir storage and drill. You can start collecting with these great Town Hall 7 farming maneuvers and you’ll have a level 5 Barb King in no time at all!

The easiest way of getting DE is using three lightning spells, but for that you have to be in Silver I-Gold III to get decent amounts of DE: which also increases your chances of being attacked by higher level players. With each spell, you get only 1/3rd of what’s in the storage, so it’s limited.

If you’re a maxed out TH7 except for hogs, minions and BK, chances are that you have more elixir than you need. Now is a great time to participate in Clan Wars, but you could also go for a Town Hall 7 farming plan that involves mass dragons. It’s great for getting DE, particularly when your storage is overflowing with elixir.

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