Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 The Defense Layout Explained

First of all, before we begin the actual tutorial to set up an effective base layout, which consists of Farming, War, and Trophy Defense, we would like to congratulate you for reaching Town Hall 7 in Clash of Clans. Unlike the former level Town Halls, where there were insufficient level of defense mechanisms and other elements Town Hall 7 does make enough sense when it comes to the aspect of defense. It is so because, you can have access to enough defence stuff such as walls, towers, traps etc. Once you have combined all these elements in a fruitful manner, as to have a superb defense layout, you can expect least number of attacks. This does not mean that your clan won’t be susceptible to a major number of attackers; on the other hand, if the opponent is a mediocre level player and uses mediocre level of units, you can be almost sure that most parts of your clan will be protected easily. That being said, your plans may be turned upside-down if the opponent is using expensive units such as Dragon army or something. Your worries apart, there is a surety that the given mode of defense layout will be protective enough in most cases. So, shall we move in to the tutorial to set up one of the most effective and powerful farming defense layout for your Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 game play?


The Defence Layout for Clash of Clans Town Hall 7

Please note, as we did mention earlier, that Town Hall 7 is quite rich when it comes to the number of defense type of elements and other stuff! Due this change, there will be enough changes in the defense layout especially when you’d compare the layout with those of previous ones. And so, we have made explanations so that you shall be able to get an idea about why such changes and there as well as how those changes will help you get moving. So, we advise you to keep track of these changes and their reasons before you create your own defense structure.

Among those kinds of changes, one of the formerly-unused features that you can see in Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 is three openings in the wall. These openings are quite helpful when you receive Spring Traps or Big Bombs. In the kind of situations, you will be able to funnel Giants using those openings. In addition, Giants will move from one tower to another if the distance that is kept between two towers are comparatively lower and given that there are no walls in between them. If you have put one opening rather than three, chances are high that your Giants plan won’t work. In that case, however, you would, in almost every situation, find the three-opening setup to be damn useful. There’s an important advantage with this, by the way.

There is a common notion among players to avoid funnels, given that you have followed the aforementioned set-up. So, seeing the manner of set up you have done, the opponent may even decide to withdraw his attack. The thing you have to care is the fact that such a withdrawal of attack is an advantage, being an effect of your superb defense. It’s to be noted that funnels can do well in limit the areas that are attackable! In that way, you may be able to avoid one attack by placing tunnels in an effective way.

In addition, there is a clear idea about the attacks you can expect! In general, attacks in Town Hall 7 can any of three sources. While the Ground attacks have a source in southwest or northwest edge of the clan base, Air attacks are likely to come from southern point of base or the northwest edge of the base. Also, as we have placed a storage unit in west side of the base, you can expect an attack from western side as well, and chances are way too high.

As we said earlier, you can expect more Ground attacks from southwest side of the base and the player may be using Wall Breakers so that they can break the south-western wall you have placed. Through the breaking, the players will have access to the cell that contains Cannon and Archer Towers. Further, the player may make use of two more Wall Breakers, which will allow the player to access the cell of Air Defence towers and two mortars you have put. As Town Hall 7 has a position in the south western section of your base, you can be sure of the fact that the particular type of set-up will be powerful against ground attacks. Placing Air Defence Tower and a couple of Mortars will not be up to your interest, but you are sort of forced to do that, because you have the responsibility to strengthen the base.

Also, if you check the layout image a bit carefully, it can be noted that protection of Dark Elixir Storage is something of primary importance. To enhance the level of protection offered to Dark Elixir, there is a proportionate distance to be kept between Wizard Towers and Mortars between that would protect the storage from expected attacks. It can be noted that once you have followed this thing, the opponent has the necessity to clear most of base if he or she is in need to access the Dark Elixir storage, which is tough indeed. If you consider Dark Elixir to be precious, as you are supposed to, you will love this structure — there’s a surety.

Wars & Trophies

If you want to win Wars and Trophies, there is something to do! You will have to place Town in the center of base, by removing the structures in the place. Obviously, you will have to move or remove the buildings as to ensure center part of the base. If you are interested in a Clan War, you will have to place a storage building outside your base. Also, if you are ready to grab farm trophies, you can move along with further changes in the base layout.

That’s it, and we are eager to know what you think about Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 Farming Defense layout?

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