Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 [TH7] War Strategy Guide

Hi, Clash of Clans lovers. Welcome back to our collection of some effective tips to get the maximum level of resource and other stuff from your favourite strategy-based online game! In this post, we’re here with some clash of clans town hall 7 war strategies & tips for Clash of Clans players who have reached Town Hall level 7, which is commonly known as Town Hall 7! Indeed, it’s required you much time and effort to reach Town Hall 7 and proper farming strategy on town hall 7 and it is the time to move on and get more gems through an awesome method — Clan Wars! Clan Wars, as you know, are a great source of resources such as gems and they will let you access some superb achievements as well.


Altogether, if you know how to play a Clan War well, it is the best way to move forward in Clash of Clans and thus to succeed. In this post, as you are ready for a Clan War in Town Hall 7, we have come up with some tips for setting up the attack strategy in your clan war. You can rather refer to clash of clans forum to solve all your doubts related to COC. It has to be noted that a 3-star clear is required to get Clan War achievements when you are in the Town Hall 7. So, if you have set up the defense section of your Clan ready and want to have an effective attack strategy to make sure that you get a 3-star clear, you can use the tips we are going to share you in the article. Since a great collection of unit combination is available in TH 7 Clan War, you can do very well we hope. Now, we can move on with the collection of attack strategies for the Clan War in Town Hall 7, right?

Composing Your Clan War Army

Of course, there is no doubt in the fact that a perfect army composition is the essential thing you must have when it comes to preparing for a Clash of Clans Clan War in Town Hall 7. Now, here, we would give you an overview about an effective army composition in the game, which gives you maximum output and resources in the long run.

If you want to create an effective army in your Clan War, you have to make sure that you make use of 10 dragons. In addition, it has to be noted that if you are planning a Clan attack on the players who are in Town Hall 8, you’ll have to place a Dragon in the Clan Castle. You should also take care of the advice that your dragons have been upgraded to the Level 2. As you are planning to utilize 10 dragons in Town Hall 7 Clan War, there is something you have to do, as soon as you reach Town Hall 7 — make sure that barracks you posses have been upgraded to level 9. It is because of the fact that setting up dragons needs you to use level 9 barracks.

So, given these tips, we hope you can create an effective Town Hall 7 Clan War army to outperform your opponent, on a condition that the opponent is a Town Hall 7 player or a mid-range Town Hall 8 player. as there is a classification in terms of players, you need to have dedicated gaming strategies and use of spells for both kinds of players. Now, it is the time to check out that stuff.

Case 1 — Against Town Hall 7 Player

Once you have set up your Clan War army with ten dragons involved, defeating a Town Hall 7 player is relatively easy task. If you have upgraded your dragons to level two, you might not even need the use of spells. On some other sorts of instances, however, you might need the use of spells. For instance, if your opponent has done the best using their Air Defence Towers, you may need to use the Lightning Spells. Except these, winning the Clan War and having a clear 3-star is all about how you place your dragons in the map — as simple as that.

Comparatively, we can say that Clan War in Town Hall 7 is easier when the opponent is a TH7 Player. Now, we move onto the second case.

Case 2 — Against Town Hall 8 Player

Well, things may become a bit tough if your opponent is a Town Hall 8 player. So, as you get more resources as result of the Clan War, you should take care of some worst-case scenarios as well.

First of all, before you prepare your army to fight off a Town Hall 8 player, make sure that your dragons are in level 2. Although not necessary, it will be matter of help if you can place a dragon in your Clan Castle. Talking of spells, it will be great to have a collection of three spells — combining one Healing Spell and two Rage Spells.

Your success against a Town Hall 8 player depends upon many factors, including the position of Air Defence Towers, level of Air Defence tower that is being used, and whether these towers are clustered. For instance, if the towers are clustered together, the aforementioned combination of Rage and Healing spells would finish those off.

A bit different from the first case, you have to be a bit careful when you are placing your dragons. Once you’ve done with the selection of a good place to attack, a range that covers most of Air Defence towers, you can place 2 dragons on the perimeter. These two will help you get rid of external structures. After that, you will have to place your eight remaining dragons, which are expected to move towards the center. Now, you have to use a rage spell into center of your enemy base and the second range spell is to be made when dragons have reached a cluster of buildings with high health. In addition, if any of your attacking dragons are wounded, you will have to make use of the healing spell, which would be quite useful in such a situation.

Thus, when you are ready to practice and play and play, you can get the maximum out of your army consisting of 10 dragons to move on with your Clash of Clans Clan War in Town Hall 7. By the way, do you have any other tips? We’re eager to  know.

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