Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 [TH8] Clan War Attack Strategy

So, you have reached in Town Hall level 8 want to engage in a Clan War — perhaps, the best way to grab resources & achievements when it comes to Clash of Clans? Well, you can do that if you know how to play — if you’re somewhat confused about the stuff that is related to the game play of Town Hall 8 Clan War strategy and all, this post is a must-read for you, we bet. Assuming the fact that you’ve read our clash of clans town hall 8 farming guide, in this post, we have compiled a few gaming strategies that would be of great help when we’d consider the case of Clash of Clans Clan War in Town Hall 8 level. Although there are many ways you can lead clan in this level, we are mentioning only a few, and they are as follows. When mentioning game play strategies, we’ll cover details required such as army composition, probability of success etc so that you can move forward confidently.


Clash of Clan War in Town Hall 8 — Mode #1

Things you have to take care in this attack mode are:

  • Composition of Army should use 10x Dragons for attack
  • It’s preferred to use Barbarian King as the hero, with maximum level as possible
  • A combination of 2 Rage Spells + 1 Healing Spell, 3 x Raging Spells or 3 Lightning spells
  • In Clan Castle, you can either place a dragon or Archers/Wizards

Talking of the use of this attack strategy, this mode will be useful when the opponent is a Town Hall 8 player. Chance of your clan with this mode of attacking strategy depends upon the opponent. For instance, if the opponent is a low-mid Town Hall 8 player or one with Air Defence Towers that are exposed, the method will work fine.

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Coming to the section of game play, it’s the wisest decision to take the maximum from your dragons, preferably the only constituent of your army. Also, if possible, you can upgrade level of your dragons as to intensify your attack and thus grab good results in the long run. It’s an optional thing because the attack will be satisfactory even when level is 1.  Talking about the use of spells, you can choose either the combination or the mentioned collection of spells. It’s your choice, because the use of spells depends upon which kind of attack you are planning to carry out. For instance, if you are into optimal destruction of Air Defence Towers of the opponent, the collection of Lightning spells would be the best, we bet.

The basic form of an effective gaming strategy in a Town Hall 8 Clan War deals with the positioning of your dragon-powered army. You have to take care of the destruction of Air Defence Tower, attack focused to centre part of base and the destruction of unit elements of opponent when you place the dragon army. Also, while attacking, the first to be taken down are Air Defence Tower, after which your dragons will have easier access to base of enemy.  Also, it’s to be notified that things will be easier if you use some additional units to clear other structures in perimeter. If you don’t the dragon army will waste time in doing that, which will be of no use.  If you can put a Barbarian King or single dragon in perimeter, you can escape from this worst-case scenario.

To deal with Clan Castle units in the enemy’s unit, you have to make use of dragons in a clever manner! While they’d be attacking the enemy units, you will have to make use of the Healing Spell to make sure that the dragons do well in the attack. Also, you should keep an eye on keeping a distance of one tile between dragons you place. Once the Clan Castle attack has been finished, you can see the climax of your Clan war, as the remaining dragons, when they have been placed on the right place, will take care of other structures in the opponent’s clan! So, you can relax!

Clash of Clan War in Town Hall 8 — Mode #2

In this mode of play, things are a bit different and things to be noted are:

  • Have an army with 7-8 Dragons and archers between 40 to 60
  • Just as the above case, you can use Barbarian King as the hero
  • It’s preferred to have 3 Lightning Spells with you
  • Talking of Clan Castle Unit, it should have Archers

The game play in this mode depends upon whom you are attacking. If the opponent is a Town Hall 7 player, you can win the clan war by using around 7 dragons and spending other resources for cheaper spells. If you have upgraded the dragons to level 2, you need just 7 dragons; on the other hand, if the level is still 1, you might need 8 to finish the job, right away. When compared to the earlier mode, this one has a far more simple game play strategy.

Before you start your attack with a Dragon and Archer army, you have to make use of the three Lightning Spells. The spells will, quite efficiently, attack Air Defence Towers of your opponent and you can get rid of those towers as you’d move forward with your army-based attack. To finish off the Clan Castle, you can make use of the Archers. And, at the same time, the archers and Barbarian King have to be used in order to remove perimeter structures. If you do it, you can save the effort of dragons and lead them right away to the centre part of your opponent’s clan, as opposed to the natural case. Thus, once you are sure that the units you have inserted — the Barbarian King and Archers — do well in removal of perimeter structures, you can let your dragon army do the job. You can allow the dragon army to move forward to the central part of your opponent’s clan and finish off elements that remain. It is quite clear that the current method is a systematic one, as it clears out obstacles one by one, allowing you to get the maximum out of your dragon-and-archer army.

So, here, we have listed two methods of Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 Clan War Strategies and both of them are good in terms of resource consumption and money that is required to be spent! So, you can choose according to your level of inventory.

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