Clash of Clans Wall Guide: Wall Layouts, Calculator & More

When it comes to defending your village, Clash of clans wall are one of the most important things you can invest in. So much so that they essentially become all-powerful around level 11. By the time you’re finished reading this relatively short guide, you’ll have firsthand knowledge on how to ensure that your entire village is protected as best as it possibly can be, and you’ll be well on your way to building a virtually impregnable town.


Watch Those Gaps

The screen on your phone can be pretty tiny, which is exactly why you need to look very closely at the screen when you’re putting up your walls – If there’s even the tiniest gap (they only take up a 1×1 space), all ground units will be able to simply waltz on into your village without even having to try. Keep a close eye on the small spaces and watch the screen closely during battles; you’ll be able to see if there are any gaps in your formation incredibly quickly and can close them up quickly as soon as the battle’s over.

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Clash of Clans: Defensive Wall Tips

Make Layers

Building layers of walls will make it harder for the ground units to push through all the way to your village. A couple of extra layers of protection could come in quite handy, especially as you progress throughout the game.

Protect What’s Most Important

Of course it’s important to protect your village as a whole, but there’s no disputing that it’s more important to protect some buildings than it is others. Regardless of how you decide to set up your town, you should always make sure that your town hall, your gold and elixir storage containers, and all of your key defensive buildings are well protected.

Keep in mind when you’re planning your layout that a low-level town hall and a limited amount of resources (for example, when you first start playing the game) means that you’ll have to build your walls up exceptionally well in order to give them the protection they require.

The one exception to this is if you’re into farming more so than you are fighting. In that case, you can just leave your storage containers and defensive buildings within the protection of the walls, and feel free to leave your Town Hall outside of your protection center.

Get Familiar With Wall Joints

In order to thrive in Clash of Clans, it’s incredibly important that you understand exactly how the wall joints work. A joint is where separate walls come together, and you’re going to want to create as many of them as possible in order to avoid your enemies. For the very best defense against other players, try to stagger your walls to create a series of 3-way joints as opposed to building 4-way ones – It will give your enemies access to less if they manage to break them.

Remember To Save That Gold!

With so many different features available, it can be easy to remember just how important it is to save your gold. Since upgrading your walls can become incredibly expensive in the long run, it’s important to remember to have enough gold and elixir on hand to make those upgrades.

Does that mean that you shouldn’t spend your gold on anything else? Of course not (that wouldn’t be very practical gameplay at all), but you should definitely be aware of how much you have on hand at all times.

Choose Those Upgrades Carefully

Since upgrading the walls can take up so many of your resources, it’s important to know when it’s best to stop upgrading. When you reach a new Town Hall level, it’s perfectly fine to upgrade your walls to level 5 or 6, but after that you should work on upgrading all of your other defensive buildings to the max (they’ll help you out more as you level up).

Clash of Clans: Offensive Wall Tips

Protect Your Wall Breakers

Wall Breakers can be incredibly useful in an offensive strategy, as long as you use them properly. Not only are they incredibly fragile, but they’re also a far cry from cheap when you compare them to some of your other defenses.

One of the best ways to utilize these defenders is to first drop a few troops or a single-high health unit (such as a Giant) to work like a distracting force to the defender before you deploy your Wall Breakers – They’ll be able to actually do their job since the distraction troops will take the bulk (if not all, depending on how many you send in) of the tower fire.

Don’t Waste That Jump Spell

There’s nothing worse than wasting resources on useless defenders. Therefore it’s important to keep in mind that Air Units are completely able to bypass walls; utilize your jump spell (if you have one) for ground type troops instead.

Remember Your Hog Riders

They’re just as handy as your Wall Breakers when it comes to busting in on your enemy’s territory. By sending just a few of them in for your team, you’ll be able to clear those walls down easily and without a second thought.

How It Works

Ever wondered how many walls come with each Town Hall Upgrade?

– Town Hall 1: 0
– Town Hall 2: 25
– Town Hall 3: 50
– Town Hall 4: 75
– Town Hall 5: 100
– Town Hall 6: 125
– Town Hall 7: 175
– Town Hall 8: 225
– Town Hall 9: 250
– Town Hall 10: 250

Well Now You Know Everything About Clash of Clans Wall!

With this information about Clash of Clans wall (and hopefully some that you’ve gained from reading some of our other articles), you’ll be well on your way to building a village that’s exceptionally challenging for all of your enemies to penetrate. Who knows? Maybe soon you’ll be at the top of the Top Scored list!

Stay tuned for some new articles that will help you master the gameplay and help your village thrive more than it already it, and check out some of our other articles if you think there are areas that you could improve on.

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