Clash of Clans Hack Online: Top 5 Tips to Get Unlimited Gems

Clash of Clans is indeed a great game, and you do not have to find many reasons to justify why you’re really addicted to the game — just as many other people around the globe. The online, strategy-based and multiplayer game has, so far, able to attract a noticeable amount of game addicts, who are literally dying to get maximum scores in the game, through both simple and tough game play tasks of Clash of Clans, such as community building, attacks against others in the game, protection of your players and buildings from other players’ attacks and all, etc. Altogether, you’ll have a lot of things to get the best gaming experience out of Clash of Clans, and there are a number of clash of clans hack you can follow. In this post, however, dedicated for those who are really addicted to Clash of Clans game, we have compiled a set of useful Clash of Clans hack online. Though these tips may not give you absolute success in the game, they will be undoubtedly powerful enough to enhance gaming experience of yours, by doing things that you never imagined of doing probably because of their difficulty level. We hope we can now move on to the section of our Clash of Clans tips, shall we?


#1: Save Your Gems — they’re Precious, Indeed

Creating buildings is quite important in Clash of Clans, you know! That being in your mind, you should be very clever to make sure that you do not miss any gem that you come across. For instance, it has to be noted that every player is having an inventory that consists of five hundred gems when he or she starts the game. If you can skip the tutorial & depend upon something else to know about the game, you will be able to ensure 500 gems. These gems can be used to create buildings later. Availability of buildings depends upon how many gems you have; if you have 250 gems, you will be able to have the Builder 2 whereas Builder 3 is available at a price of 500 gems. Despite the fact that you’ll be able to get these buildings through some other tasks, such as Clan Wars and Trophy push, things would be simpler if you know the art of saving gems. So, we repeat, gems are precious. It does not matter whether you have completed many levels with Clash of Clans or just a newbie to begin your gaming endeavour, this tip will do the job, we assure.


#2: Units Vary — so do Risk

Well, as you know, there are various units you can include in your game play, as to get the maximum result out of all the ventures you undertake in order to win Clash of Clans. However, if you like sustainable performance throughout the game, you should have a clear idea about which units you are using and what their values are as far as you have a concern about what you spend from your inventory in Clash of Clans. For instance, since Giants are relatively costly than Barbarians, you should have a clear idea that you have to prefer Barbarians to Giants. Similarly, apart from cost that the unit takes from your inventory, you should know how much time it is consumed to create a particular unit. If we take the case of Wizard, it has to be noted that eight minutes are required for creation of each wizard whereas it is possible for you to create four archers in a time that is less than a couple of minutes. Simply put, you should have a clear idea on the kind of resources that consume less time for creation but does the work without using that much of money from your collection — that is, mind the units you utilize during the game play.


#3: Clan Castle at Centre of Base

Being one of the best defensive structures you can set up in your Clash of Clans game, Clan Castle is powerful, given that you know where you should place it. You might be familiar with the way Clans Castle works, which involves the attack towards enemy units when they enter a particular range around the castle. Given that the structure is a damn effective one, you can get maximum result from the structure if you place it at the centre part of the base. When it’s placed either out of base or inside base, chances are high that enemy attacks will be easily able to exploit position of the defensive structure and change the result upside down. Having all those said, it seems a truly impressive decision to make sure that your best defensive structure in Clash of Clans stays at the optimal position as to give you a result that you would love to have.


#4: Keep Your Eyes on Dark Elixir

This tip is for players who have reached Town Hall 7! Once you have reached that level, you must be able to refocus your attention to Dark Elixir, which is one of the most wanted and powerful stuff that you would find during the big game play of Clash of Clans. Thus, you should be able to maximize gold and elixir-kind of upgrades before you take an effort to enhance performance and other stuff of your units, including Heroes and troop upgrades. If you’ve done right with what we have said above, we are sure that you would follow the above-mentioned tips in order to make sure that Dark Elixir has the topmost position in your list of things to grab in the game.


#5: Use Spells —When You Really Need Them

Resembling the case of units — which we discussed in the above sections —, spells vary in terms of how much time’s required and how much they cost. Thus, despite all those desperate thoughts to use a spell and do something in the game, you should take the price and time consumption of creation of that particular spell into the account so that its result will not make you regret. For instance, Rage Spell will need you to spend 23,000 elixirs whereas the Healing one requires 15,000. In short, costs of spells vary and so should your priority of choosing them.


What do you think about these tips to get maximum results from your Clash of Clans endeavor? We are quite eager to hear from you!

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