COC Town Hall 10 Farming and Attack Strategy – You’ve Finally Made it!

You’ve followed the guides, defended your village to the very best of your ability, and now you’re ready to join the big leagues – Town Hall 10. Here we compiled COC town hall 10 farming and attack strategy to play like a boss. While you’re waiting for your upgrade to finish (which I know can feel like forever), there are a few things you’re going to want to do to make sure that you’re all set and ready for when that upgrade is finished:


– Make sure that your builders that are working or upgrading will be ready to go once the TH upgrade is finished. Things are going to get pretty hectic pretty quickly.

– Max out your gold and elixir storage and start to rack up as much Dark Elixir as possible.

– Give all of your collectors a chance to fill. If you’re not quite in the final days of the upgrade, use your farming base.

Stock up on all the loot you possibly can. You’re going to need it.

Once The Upgrade Is Complete

Now that you’re officially ready to take on TH10 with a vengeance, where should you start? Well, that really depends on how many builders you have at your disposal. You should have five by now, and if you do you’re going to want to do three elixir and two gold upgrades right off the jump. If you don’t have the extra set of hands to work with, do two elixir and two gold upgrades instead (and get your hands on that fifth builder ASAP). Just to refresh your memory, here’s a quick list of which is which:


– Inferno 1 & 2 (provided that you followed the preparation instructions you should get both infernos right away).

– Tesla*

– Wizard Towers

– Mortars

– Clan Castle

– X-bow

– Archer Towers

– Cannons

– Air Defense

– Air Sweeper

*Please keep in mind that because it takes so long for the Tesla upgrade to complete, you should only ever have one builder working on it and you should only every upgrade one at a time – This is your core defense. If you decide to upgrade more than one at a time your village could be severely compromised. It may have worked for you up until this point in the game, but remember that you’re playing with the big boys now.


– Laboratory (make this your first upgrade if you’re able to, it will make your village much stronger).

– The Spell Factory (gives you one extra spell).

– Your Army Camps (20 extra spaces to help turn your compound into an impenetrable fortress).

– Dark Elixir Drills (provided that you maxed out their levels in TH9, this can wait until later if you’d like – It’s not going to make that big a difference).

Once you’ve got all that sorted out, you’re going to want to upgrade your defense buildings to max levels to ensure that your village will be protected from incoming attacks. Here’s a quick rundown of what that should look like to enhance your farming strategy (provided that you maxed everything out when you were in TH9):

– Infernos to level 3

– Teslas to level 8.

– X-bows to level 3.

– Wizard Towers to level 8.

– Max out Mortars, Archer Towers, and Cannons.

– X-bows to level 4.

– Max out ait defenses.

Upgrading everything in that order will give your village the best line of defense when it comes to intruders. Of course, it’s your game and ultimately you can play it however you’d like but if you want to stand a fighting chance in TH10 (especially against those that have been there for some time), you might want to follow the guideline loosely at least.

Setting Up Your Village For Success

So you now know which order to upgrade your buildings in, but how exactly should you set them up to ensure that your farming strategy goes off without a hitch? Here are three separate ways that seem to work well. Feel free to play around with them a little until you find the one that works best for you and your strategy.

  1. Place your Town Hall in plain sight on the outside of your village. Place Cannons and Air Defense buildings around it to keep it safe. Place a ton of Wizard Towers and Hero Alters near your storage containers and your enemies will find it almost impossible to get to them. Please keep in mind that this sort of layout is only going to work if your strategy is simply farming – If you have a tendency to go out and attack your enemies on occasion, you might want to try one of the other placement methods instead.
  2. Place your Town Hall at the right side of your village. It will get taken out quite easily this way but once your attackers make their way past the Town Hall to the walls, they’ll have to deal with the cannons that are sitting behind them. Protect the center of your village with Mortars, Hero Alters, and other defensive buildings to keep your storage buildings safe. You’re also going to want to have defensive buildings set up on each corner.
  3. Place your Town Hall at the top of the village and lead all of your enemies towards walls that hold Cannons and Mortars behind them. Place your storage buildings right in the middle of your village and place Wizard and Archer Towers around them for ample protection. If you’re going to choose to go with this layout over the others, it’s a good idea to place your Barbarian King and Queen next to each other as well.

Now that you’re armed with all of the information you need to get your village off and running in TH10, you’re probably wondering what’s next. That’s the great thing about Clash of Clans – There are so many variables. Although we can give you a general idea of what’s to come, each gaming experience is different. You’ll likely find something that works best for you in time.