Download Clash of Clans for PC (Windows 7/8) Free

Strategy games are at the heart of any serious gamer, right from an obsession with league of legends to clash of clans a gamer’s kit is incomplete without some strategy games. As desktop is more convenient than mobile, everyone is looking to download clash of clans for PC these days.


Explained : How to download Clash of clans for PC

Amassing over 100 million users and a perfect rating of 4.5+ by over 1.4 million users, it is undoubtly one of the top games on android and love of every gaming freak. Coming to basics, it offers an amazing graphical experience with lots of adventure, it involves creating villages, making troops, battling and whole host of other exciting stuffs.

This game is played by hundreds of millions, so you can battle any of them and their clans. If their clans are powerful, you can forge a more powerful clan by forging alliance with others, but making powerful clans isn’t everything that you would need for victory, and you rightly guessed, you need to create right strategy to outsmart your opponent.

Here are some cool features about this game:

  • Battle with players across the world.
  • A whopping 18 units for multiple levels of upgrades.
  • Ability to deploy clan reinforcements; work with numerous combinations of troops and the ability to select the combination of troops to attack any enemy.
  • Mighty fighters like Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Dragons are more up for inclusion, just get them and get set to decimate any opponent.
  • The greatest challenge – fight against the mighty Goblin king.
  • Creating the villages and using given resources to build an empire.
  • Defend the towers and villages by ensuring victory in battles.

Cool thing of the game “The clans”

In most games the name defines the key area, well in this case it is the word clan, since there are in app payments enabled, any payments that you make through PC would take effect immediately through your attached Google play account.

Coming to clans, there are three tiers of the clans of soldiers (Afterall It’s all about victory and soldiers hold the key)

First clan: Predictably, these are Barbarians, Archers, Goblins

Second clan: The big guys, these are Giant, Wall Breakers, Balloon and Wizards

Third clan: Finally the mighty – Healer, Dragon and P.E.K.K.A

That’s great, can I download clash of clans on PC:

Officially they don’t have any desktop version, but we know workarounds, we believe that any such cool game should be on your desktops so that you can conceive planning on a bigger screen, think better to outsmart the opponents. We definitely want you to have this amazing clash of clans game on PC so read on carefully about some important things to get started.

Emulators often comes to mind for something like this, some goes for paid ones, and the others like us go for free, we know of one such emulator which we use called “Andy” and other is bluestacks, it’s not that we don’t want to pay for better emulators, but in reality, both Andy and bluestacks are much better than any paid emulator or otherwise, and we strongly recommend you go get it so we can keep the ball rolling.

What does emulators do and which is the best emulator to get clash of clans on PC?

Many things, in a newbie’s language, It not only provides easily accessible powers to the local file systems but also comes with microphone and camera integration and hardware console, which makes it a superb choice for emulator. Here are some cool things that Andy does.

  1. Makes it possible for you to use your phones as remote controls while experiencing the game on large screens of desktop.
  2. Gives you enough storage capacity, you don’t need anything extra; all you need to have is minimum system requirements.
  3. An uninterrupted and easy streaming between mobile and PC will give you easy control over the game letting you enjoy playing it with its amazing effects.
  4. Quick and simple download process and yes! It is free of cost.
  5. Frankly, we rate it close to a similar apps like Bluestacks, because of application compatibility and application stability (both work well).

System requirements for Emulators (Andy Or Bluestacks)

Emulators has moderate system requirements, 3 GB RAM, 20 GB Free space, and importantly, your CPU must support virtualization, well if you think this is tricky, try CPU-Z  tool to check, what this tool does is that it ensure that virtualization is enabled in the BIOS setting of the system. In our experience, most of the dual processors of both AMD and Intel support virtualization, so we think you shouldn’t have any problems there.

Now that you are all set, get ready to download clash of clans for PC

To make it easier, we will explain the process step by step, grab a cup of coffee if you would like, and get ready to enjoy your game.

Step 1) Download the android emulator software (remember our recommendation is Andy, but any other emulator that you like will be fine too, bluestacks for that matter is okay)


Step 2) Now that Andy is downloaded, start the installation by clicking the installer file.


Step 3) Once the installation is completed and is ready to be used, open it, complete their sign up procedure, and login with your google play account.


Step 4) Open the (Google) play store app, and search for clash of clans.


Step 5) Find the clash of clan game and begin the installation.

Step 6) Launch the game and now you are set to play clash of clans on PC using a mouse, keyboard or even a touchscreen, you can use the control button to emulate the pinch function to zoom in and zoom out.

Now that you have clash of clans download completed on your pc, you are all set to play this magnificent game on the PC. You’d love playing Clash of clans on your PC.

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